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	This is songs list --Vol. 7. This time I am focussing on films under the 
music direction of susrla dakshiNAmUrti. (Partly, because of the issue related 
to the song, "nidura pOrA tammuDA". Before, I go further let me inform the 
list members of something else. One can see the songs list -- Vol.7 in telugu 
font (Yes. in telugu font) at and click on 
the link to ghanTasAla. The only catch as stated on the welcome page is one 
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opiniion the site is good for IE 3.0 or highter. (No unix world yet for potana 
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Please send your comments about the site to or If this experiment succeeds I would like to move the entire 
songs list, close to 1325 songs to the web site, by the end of this month. I 
am very eager to reach the 1516 mark by the coming Dec. 4th, G's 75th birth 
anniversay. Thanks. Now coming to the songs list.

Movie: santAnam (1955)
Music: susarla dakshNAmUrti
Banner: sAdhanA pictures
*ring: ANR, sAvitri, chalam, SVR, rElangi, Sriranjani jr. etc.
Lyrics: aniSeTTi - piniSeTTi  padyAlu: tirupati vEnkaTakavulu (???)

1. dEvi SriidEvi moralAlinchi pAlinchi nannElinAve (gA: ghanTasAla)
2. challani vennelalO chakkani kanne samiipamulo (gA: ghanTasAla)
3. kanumUsina kanipinche nijamidEra ila lEdurA niiti (gA: ghanTasAla)
    (What a great song this is, and reflecting back at one's own life any one 
who understands the song will admit the truth in it.)
4. nidurapO nidurapO nidurapO nidurapOrA tammuDA (gA: ghanTasAla, latA 
Note: This song is sung twice in the movie, once when Sriranjani Jr., ANR, and 
chalam are kids. This is a solo by latA mangEshkar. Again, after the 
characters become adult, the song is sung again, with latA mangEshkar, first 
half portion of the song and ghanTasAla singing the rest. The song is also 
played in bits (sung by latA) several times in the movie.
5. bAvA eppuDu vachchitiivu sukhulE bhrAtal sutul (padyam)(gA: ghanTasAla)
6. sachchiri sOdarul sutul sachchiri rAjulella. ee kachchaku mUlakandamaina 
(padyam)(gA: ghanTasAla)
7. lAvokkintayu lEdu dhairyamu (padyam)(gA: ghanTasAla)

Movie: samsAram (???)
Music: susarla dakshNAmUrti
Banner: ??? *ring: ???? Lyrics: ????

8. samsAram samsAram. prEamsudhAtiiram navajiivana sAram, samsAram (gA: 
9. andAla chandamAma andAla chandamAma ninnu valachi (gA: ghanTasAla)
10. Taku Taku Taku TamakulabanDi lankanAla banDi (gA: ghanTasAla, jikki 
krishNavENi, bRndam)
11. chitramainadi vidhi naDaka pariSodhane oka vEDuka (gA: ghanTasAla)

Movie: nartanaSAla (???)
Music: susarla dakshNAmUrti
Banner: rAjyam pictures
*ring: NTR, sAVitri, SVR, mikkilinEni, dhulipAla, rElangi, prabhAkar reDDi, 
sandhya, nellUri kAntAravu???, etc.

12. evvAnivAkiTa (padyam) (gA: ghanTasAla)(ra: samudrAla raghavAchari)
13. evarikOsam ee mandahAsam okapari vivarinchavE sogasari (gA: ghanTasAla, 
susiila)(ra: SriiSrii)
14. jayagaNanAyaka vighnavinAyaka (gA: ghanTasAla, Janaki)(ra: samudrAla 
     A song that I like very much. One of my favorites.
15. prelitivi ennomArlu kuruvRuddhula mundara (padyam) (gA: ghanTasAla)(ra: 
samudrAla raghavAchari)
16. Enungunekki pekkEnungula (padyam) (gA: ghanTasAla)(sAmpradAyam)
17. kAnchanamayavEdika (padyam) (gA: ghanTasAla)(sAmpradAyam)

Songs Counter (as of Vol. 5): 141
Songs (from films): 139			Songs (with film names unknown): 1
Songs (private songs): 0			Songs (from concerts): 1

Vol. 8 of the songs list will be posted around Sept. 20th '97.