Songs list -- Vol. 8

Rajasekhar Velamuri (
Sun, 21 Sep 97 22:11:18 UT


This is my last posting in this series. I am planning to update the songs list 
at my web site. The list will be available only in telugu language and will be 
written using pOthana fonts. There is now a read only version of pothana true 
type fonts(ttf) available and can be downloaded free from the 
"" site.

To the best of my knowledge, the pOthana TTF fonts do not require ATM software 
which the earlier postscript fonts required (krishNa kandadai gAru please 
confirm).  Please follow the procedure for installation of this fonts. One 
would be able to view my web page without making any modifications to the 
browsers. Use IE3.02 or higher with Win95, or use Win3.11 & netscape 3.01. My 
web page is "" One can go directly to the 
front page of songs list also: 
"" As of today, only songs for 
movies that start with achchulu except a and A are in the site, and will be 
updating the list.
Please send any suggestions or comments on the ghantasala section in 
particular and on any other section in general to the following address

Now coming to the list for the last volume:

Movie: iddaru peLLAlu (????)
Music: ?????
Banner: ????						Lyricists: ?????
*ring: NTR, jamuna, CSR, etc.

1.  telisindi nii manasulOni mATa manaiddaridokate pATa (gA: ghanTasAla, 
2.  valapu vAhini alala gAnamE (gA: ghanTasAla, liila)
3.  O madanA rA! Vennelu chinderEyilO (gA: ghanTasAla, liila)
4.  toli prEma vinodam tonukADe pramOdam (gA: ghanTasAla, liila)
5.  madilO hAyi kalalE vEyi (gA: ghanTasAla, liila)

Movie: iddaru mitrulu(1961)
Music: sAluri rAjEswara rAvu
Banner: annapUrna pictures private limited
*ring: ANR (double action) rAjasulochana etc.

6.  halO hallO ammAyi pAtarOjulu mArAyi Adapilla aliginachO vEDukonaDu 
abbAyi(ghanTasAla, susiila)(ra; Arudra)
7.  OhO OhO ninnE kOregA kuhU kuhU (gA: ghanTasAla, susiila)(ra: Srii Srii)
8.  kushi kushigA navvuchu chelAki mATaluruvvuchu (gA: ghanTasAla, 
susiila)(ra: dASarathi)
9.  ee musi musi navvula virisina puvvulu gusa gusa (gA: ghanTasAla, 
susiila)(ra: Arudra)
10.  pADavEla rAdhikA praNayasudhA giitikA (gA: ghanTasAla, susiila)(r: Srii