Re: Songs list -- Vol. 8

Sridhar Basavaraju (
Sun, 21 Sep 1997 22:48:06 -0400 (EDT)

This past list contains some of my favorites yet again.  IN the movie,
iddaru mitralu, the songs, halo halo ammayi, kushi kushi ga navuthu,
padevla radhika are some classics that I can distinctly remember quite
   When i was younger, my parents, who have very strong interests in
Ghantasala's music, would often hum these songs.  Gradually, as I grew
older, I began to remember the lines and to this day, I catch myself
standing in line, driving a car, watching tv, etc etc, singing the lines
to these classics.  This is perhaps one of the most fond collection of
songs that have been posted.
Thank you for doing so!
 One love One blood One life
 you got to do what you should