RE: ghantasAla gAnahEla ...
6 Oct 97 18:12 GMT+0500

namastE !
Happy to see activity back on G-list. In which year was this prog. broadcast ?
I would like to know more details about this as it was a regular habit in our 
family to listen to max. no of progs. on AIR,Hyd. But this stopped from late 
80's when TV invaded Indian Sub-Continent and of course, our house too !
Iremember having recorded 2/3 songs from G's interview broadcast on AIR,Hyd.
on his birth anniversary.
Songs are "jagamEmAyA" from dEvadAsu and "mattu vadalarA" from buddhimantuDu
and few others. In this G himself explained how he rehearsed "jagamEmAya" song 
for 15 days and sang it with his true experiences in life as the backdrop. 
Could somebody put more light on this ?
Parigi Sreedhar