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Tue, 07 Oct 97 08:21:40 EST

     SrEdhar gArU
     Please note that "mattuvaDalarA" song is not from buddimantudu. That 
     it is from Sri Krishna PandavEyam.  The equivalent song from 
     buddimantudu is "TATA veedukOlu good bye inka selavu"

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Subject: RE: ghantasAla gAnahEla ... 
Author: at smtplink
Date:    10/6/97 6:12 PM

namastE !
Happy to see activity back on G-list. In which year was this prog. broadcast ? 
I would like to know more details about this as it was a regular habit in our 
family to listen to max. no of progs. on AIR,Hyd. But this stopped from late 
80's when TV invaded Indian Sub-Continent and of course, our house too ! 
Iremember having recorded 2/3 songs from G's interview broadcast on AIR,Hyd. 
on his birth anniversary.
Songs are "jagamEmAyA" from dEvadAsu and "mattu vadalarA" from buddhimantuDu 
and few others. In this G himself explained how he rehearsed "jagamEmAya" song 
for 15 days and sang it with his true experiences in life as the backdrop. 
Could somebody put more light on this ?
Parigi Sreedhar