RE: Silence on the list, article on PBS

Rajasekhar Velamuri (
Wed, 8 Oct 97 02:00:26 UT

FYI: here is a very informative article on PB Sreenivas by MLN in _The
Hindu_. Point your browsers to:


	Thanks Sreenivas from bringing the above article to the attention of the 
group. With all due respect to PBS and sAluri, I would like to comment and 
disagree on a sentence apparently made by sAluri (or is it a journalist's 
sentence) in reference to the song sung by PBS and suseela in bhIshma. The 
reporter writes that sAluri commented " It has a smooth flow, a refreshing 
change from Ghantasala's. He later sang some of the best songs for me which 
include the very popular ``Manasuloni Korika'' from ``Bhishma'' (1962) 
starring Rama Rao and Anjali Devi'', says Rajeswara Rao." I personally agree 
that this is a great song, and PBS sung very beautifully, but, I have to 
disagree that it is a refreshing change. 

	I would like to bring to the attention of the group members the above song 
was sung by PBS and susIla for kAntA rAvu and anjali Devi. If my memory is 
right PBS also sang padyAlu for haranath (krishNuDu) in this movie. The poems 
(padyAlu) sung for the character bhishma (played by NTR) are sung by 
ghanTasAla. G also sang for rElangi (nArada). To the best of my memory there 
is no song for NTR in this movie. In my view, the availability of singers who 
can SING in those days made songs more beautiful and popular and make us 
listen to them over and over again. For example, I cannot imagine listening 
"vivaha bhOjanambu" in G's voice or "lAhiri lAhiri lAhirilo" in mAdhavapeddi's 
voice in mAya bazAr.

	As is well aware PBS sang a number of songs for kAnta rAvu (ex: kAnisTEbul 
kuturu under pendyAla) and haranAth (ex: lEta manasulu). He is the main singer 
for these two actors in the movies played by them. In fact, kAnta rAvu in 
"ghanTasAla gAnahEla" mentions that ghanTasAla sang a song for him after he 
was in the cinema field for nearly 10 years. (I cannot guarantee the time, 
but, this is the sentence made by kAnata rAvu.) I think even in ghanTasAla's 
music direction, PBS sang songs for kAntArAvu, (for ex, raktasambhandam?) 
There are other movies in which PBS sang under the music direction of G (gudi 
gantalu, SantinivAsam to name a few). There are many other movies in which 
there are good songs by PBS example, daivabalam (for NTR) under aSwaththama, 
nagulachaviti(?). On gAnahEla's and gAnamadhuri's later.