Re: ghantasAla gAnahEla ...

Bhaskar V. Rayavaram (
Wed, 08 Oct 1997 12:43:14 -0600

Srihari Dukkipati wrote:
> At 06:38 PM 10/8/97 +0100, Sreenivas Paruchuri wrote:
> >on G, and its thru CNR's programme that I first came to know that:
> >inkaa telavaaradEmi was the first song sung by G&SPB together.
> I thought the first song sung by G&SPB together was "prathi raatri vasantha
> raatri" from Ekaveera.

I too was with the same impression. In fact, i my college ( REC, 
Warangal ) for the Cinema quiz programmes, the correct answer to the
query used be "Prati rAtri". This is the only time I am hearing
something other than that. SP gArE alA annAranTE.. edO visEshamunDAli..
MAy be if some knows that chronological order of the two movies, may
be we can know some thing.
I think eEkavIra is much older film than the Krishna and sObhan movie 
( boy, what's the name ? )..

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