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> On Wed, 8 Oct 1997, Sreenivas Paruchuri wrote:
> > Aah! Its not my day! The above sentence may create the impression that
> > prati raatri is CNR's first lyric at all. No, his first song is for
> > gul-E-bakaavaLi katha (~1962).   Ekaveera came in 1969. And the K&SBabu
> > starrer in ~1973.

Srinivas, in TFS mancimitrulu is listed under 1968
and EkavIra under 1969. I think you supplied the list :-)

>         The film, manchi mitrulu, was much earlier than 1973. I would
> venture to say that it is late 68 or early 69. I think that the film was
> released ahead of Ekaveera which was in late 1969.
>         I do not know the order in which the songs were recorded. But, my
> memory is that 'inkaa telavaaradEmi' was released ahead of 'prati
> raatri'. I was in high school when I heard the former, and in college
> when I heard the latter.

Jampala gaaru never fails to amaze me with his memory !!

These dates are correct as given in CNR's
'paaTalo Emundi, nA maaTalO Emundi':
(my free translation)

"Though, by 1968 SPB has crossed initial stages and establishing 
himself as a playback singer, he got a chance to sing with G
only in 'manchimitrulu' in that year."

By the way the song starts like this:

SObhan: ennALLO vEcina udayam eenADE edurautunTE
kRshNa: inni naaLLu daacina hRdayam egisi egisi pOtunTE
SObhan: inkaa tela vaaradEmi, ee cheekaTi viDipOdEmi

CNR talks about 'EkavIra' (1969) later (the book, which I haven't
read fully, seems to be chronologically ordered) and mentions
dEvulapalli's song "pratI raatri vasanta raatri".
CNR wrote "tOTalO naa raaju" for the film.
He says  sometimes people got confused that
this was written by dEvulapalli and 'pratI raatri' by CNR.

Both the songs seem to have followed same chronological order 
as the films.