Re: A(true?)Story:G-SPB
11 Oct 97 17:38 GMT+0500

Namaste to all friends on G list !
On Sat, 11.10.97 Sri. Jampala gAru wrote:
>	An episode from SPB biography serialization that appeared recently.
>	The 'muhoortam' of the film 'sukhadukhaalu' was to start with a 
>song recording with G. G got sick and sent word that he could not come. 
>The producer, Raaghava, was furious with Music Director kOdanDapaaNi and 
>others that this was allowed to happen on the muhoortam day. kOdanDapaaNi 

With regard to this episode I would like to add some information :
A year back I was at Pratap Recording Theatre in Jubilee Hills,Hyd. where I
happenned to attend a film dubbing.
When I was waiting for some artistes to come suddenly Sri.Raaghava stepped in.
We had quite a long chat for about 35 minutes (One of the distributors was 
with me). During this discussion Iwas narrated the true story, what Sri.Jampala 
gAru wrote, by Sri. Raaghavaa himself.
As both SPB's version and Raaghavaa's version are similar, this can be taken 
as a true story.
Parigi Sreedhar