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Suryam (
Tue, 14 Oct 1997 12:30:51 +0530

Though this request is not entirely related to G (or for that matter any
one play-back singer), I hope all of you will respond positively on this
issue ...

Long ago, almost 2 years back, I have sent a request on the following to
Sri V.A.K.Ranga Rao (most of you know him - he's the visualizer for many
telugu film-song albums from HMV.

For most of the popular english films, there's a practice of releasing
audio cassettes with original sound tracks (not just the
songs/dialogues).  Unfortunately, I do not see such practice for telugu
films (I am not readily worried about other languages), and as a result
we are missing those good scores of music.

For example, for each film under VIJAYA banner (starting from shavukaru,
patala bhairavi ...) we can find excellent title music. Apart from just
title music, there are several other music compositions that have
livened many sequences in these films., Consider patala bhairavi, we
cannot forget the music composed for the sequences in 'maya mahal'.
Consider Missamma, there was a beautiful music associated with the dream
sequence.  In Mayabazaar, there was a very good dance sequence 'mohini
bhasmasura' with equally good music.  There was an excellent dance
composition in Jagadeka viruni katha in the "naga lokam" sequence.
Another good score is from gundamma katha with L Vijaya lakshmi's dance

There are several other films (you must be able to refer to many more of
them), the music we're missing unless we go to the theatre.

Getting back to my request to Sri V.A.K., I received a reply from him
stating that this idea might not be acceptable to HMV for the reason
that they don't see a market for this type of cassettes.

I welcome your comments/suggestions on this issue and possibly, if you
agree with me, we might get back to HMV with a group request.

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