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Tue, 14 Oct 1997 13:18:29 +0200

Suryam ( wrote:

> For most of the popular english films, there's a practice of releasing
> audio cassettes with original sound tracks (not just the
> songs/dialogues).  Unfortunately, I do not see such practice for telugu
> films (I am not readily worried about other languages), and as a result
> we are missing those good scores of music.

> Getting back to my request to Sri V.A.K., I received a reply from him
> stating that this idea might not be acceptable to HMV for the reason
> that they don't see a market for this type of cassettes.
> I welcome your comments/suggestions on this issue and possibly, if you
> agree with me, we might get back to HMV with a group request.

As I recall there used to be a movie program every week
on the radio long ago, when even black&white TVs
were a rarity. They would play the entire
(or edited sound track) film complete with even
fighting sequences. That means AIR should be having those
sound tracks?


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