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Sreenivas Paruchuri (
Tue, 14 Oct 1997 15:47:17 +0100 (MET)

This is a good topic! In two different postings I talked about
the socalled "title music" for films under G's music direction.
They are unique! Sooryam gaaru referred to the "title music" for
Vijaya's films. There are more! Two of my favourites are "peLLi sandaDi"
and "palleTooru" (also add: chiranjeevulu and rahasyam -basically the song;
tirumala girivaasaa is played). G exactly presents you the theme of the 
film in his title music.

Now, some "sonta Dabbaa". I collect music a little differently. I don't go
for HMV's pre-recorded tapes, unless its visualised by VAK Rangarao or
its really a difficult-to-get song. And I "try" to maintain two copies of 
the same song; once recorded from the film track and other time from 78rpm.
So,I don't miss all these small bits etc.. 

Infact you can see the creativity of the MD in these musical
dramas, sequences etc. Sooryam gaaru refers to the palace dance in
"paataaLa bhairavi", which has strong Spanish elements in it, and shows
what kind of exposure G had by 1949/50 itself.

And in one of my earlier posting I narrated, how I found the 78rpm disk
of those musical bits from "gunDamma katha" (on side A: shehnai - raaga
hindOLam, and side B: the folk melody) :-), and how much I am fond of them,
filling empty space on my tapes with these two bits.

For malleeSwari and vipranaaraayaNa tracks, VAK rangarao could get
the complete music tracks, like the wonderful title music with naagayya's
commentary and in background purandara daasa's : Sree gaNanaatha sindhoora 
varNa ......, maadhavapeddi satyam's verse: bhaLiraa ennaDu jaarenee bhuviki
...... (which was not released on disc in 51), Vinjamuri sisters'
folk number: nOmeena mannaala .... etc. etc. Its not always easy convincing
these HMV (non-Telugu) bosses, about Telugu film, non-film music. 2ndly,
don't forget that HMV was not willing to bear the expenses for those
projects, but Prasad brothers of "chandamaama" had to sponsor!


P.S. I digressed a bit from the main topic. wish I could write at great
length, but am really short of time and won't be able to post frequently in
the coming few weeks. but, I will continue on a later date ....

> Getting back to my request to Sri V.A.K., I received a reply from him
> stating that this idea might not be acceptable to HMV for the reason
> that they don't see a market for this type of cassettes.