Re[2]: A (true?) story: G-SPB

Devaraju, Mohan (
Wed, 15 Oct 97 10:32:19 EST

     Sri Jampala wrote that:
 An episode from SPB biography serialization that appeared recently.
 The 'muhoortam' of the film 'sukhadukhaalu' was to start with a 
song recording with G. G got sick and sent word that he could not come. 
The producer, Raaghava, was furious with Music Director kOdanDapaaNi and 
others that this was allowed to happen on the muhoortam day. kOdanDapaaNi 
approached raaghava and suggested that there was a young man in the studio 
that cna sing the song and if raaghava approves, the recording can 
proceed. raaghava listened to SPB rendering the song 'mEDanTE mEDaa 
kaadu..' and agreed for him to sing the song for the film. (kOdanDappaNi 
gave SPB his first break in SreeSreeSree maryaada raamanna, and SPB hung 
out with him a lot, working as an assistant. SPB named his recording 
studio and his film companya fter kOdanDapaaNi).
 In one of the episodes of ETV's pAduTA thEyagA episods, SPB mentioned that 
 kOdanDapaaNi thought of giving the mEDanTE mEDaa kaaDu song to Mohamed Rafi.
 Due to accent problems, he decisded to try SPB.