RE: Re[2]: A (true?) story: G-SPB
16 Oct 97 11:17 GMT+0500

namastE to all friends on G list.
Are my postings being read by anyone ? I am worried !
I had posted the story related to what Sri. Jampala gAru had written about the 
song and muhoortham of "SukhaduKhalu" and my version of what I had 
personally heard from the producer of this movie Sri. Raaghavaa.
As SPB's version regarding this episode in his serial in Andhra Prabha and in 
his TVSerial "pADutA tIyagA" are not same, it is a dilemma.
But this should not worry us as SPB has sung this song in a style of his own 
and it stays forever in a Telugu's heart.
Parigi Sreedhar