Re: Recall this and Misc. (Some thoughts)

Rajasekhar Velamuri (
Sat, 18 Oct 1997 14:38:06 -0400


    One can list couple of songs that were resung by SPB over the years in
movies. The song (in fact danDakam) that tops the list is SyAmalA danDakam
from mahAkavi kAlidAsu(1960) sung by ghanTasAla under the music direction of
penDyAla for ANR. ghanTasAla also sang a portion of the above in the movie
bhaTTi vikramArka (1959/60) also under the music direction of penDyAla for
NTR. The same was sung by SPB in SankarAbharaNam(1979/80).

(As an aside, there used be an announcer in AIR who played the songs in
archana like this: "archana kAryakramamulO mundugA pi.liila, ghanTasAla
gAnam chEsina danDakam, mahakavi kAlidAsu chitramununDi" and would continue
(with no interruption or advertisements) with what SPB sang in
SankarAbharaNamu and then announce "miiruvinna ee pATa SankarAbharanamu
chitramulO SP bAlasubramaNyam pADinadi"){Whether it is intentional or
unintentional on the part of the announcer note the subtle difference
between danDakamu and pATa, as CNR once said, "teratiiyagarArA
tirupativenkaTaramaNa ani tyAgayya mandaliste kaTTeduTa kanipinchina
tirumallayya, ghanTasAla ArdhangA garjistE konDadigi vacchEvADu kAda, ainA
bhaktiki Arti mUlam adi palikinchindi ghanTasAla gAtram" and in my view this
"Arti" comes from inside a human being and cannot be obtained by practice}.
Without any hesitation or any second thought, I should add that with no
classical music training SPB did a good job in SankarAbharaNamu and also
some other movies/songs, at some other time how classical training helped G
in his words.)

In the same way an announcer used to start with a song from nAgayyagAri
dEvata (1941?) continue with ghanTasAla's song from NTR's dEvata(1965) and
end with a song from ????? dEvata of 80's. The songs normally (in this
order) are, "rAdE cheli nammarAde cheli mogavArinilA nammarAdE" by bezawADa
rAjaratnam, "AlayAna velasina aa dEvuni riiti illAle ii jagitiki jiivana
jyotI" by ghanTasAla, and "kuDi kannu koTTagAne kur"r"Anni" by SPB and
susiila. Well, I think I went out of the way on to a different issue.

There are quite a few songs in a movie that was released in mid '80's, the
name of the movie ends with "dancing troupe" and was made by vamsii (?). I
vaguely remember the songs as "telisindile telisindile nelarAja nee" from
rAmuDu bheemuDu(1964), and the song "siggestOndA siggestOndA moggalAnTi
chinnadi buggamiida chiTikEste" from manushulu mamatalu (1965).

Another poem I have quoted already in one of the songs list, the padyam,
"santOshambuga sandhi sEturE" was sung by ghanTasAla, in SriikrishNAvataram
under T.V. rAju for NTR, while it is sung by SPB in Srii krishNasatya.