Re: Recall this and Misc. (Some thoughts)
19 Oct 97 22:38 GMT+0500

namastE to all !
In his posting on 19th Oct. RajA gAru wrote:

>There are quite a few songs in a movie that was released in mid '80's, the
>name of the movie ends with "dancing troupe" and was made by vamsii (?). I
>vaguely remember the songs as "telisindile telisindile nelarAja nee" from
>rAmuDu bheemuDu(1964), and the song "siggestOndA siggestOndA moggalAnTi
>chinnadi buggamiida chiTikEste" from manushulu mamatalu (1965).

The film is " Sri KanakamahAlakshmi Recording & Dance Troupe" directed by
Vamsi released in 1987/88 (?).
I would like to add the song "jagamE mAyA" sung by G in "dEvadAsu" was resung,
with the stanzas changed, by SPB in "samsAram oka cadarangam" directed by kODi
rAmakrishNa and released in 1986.
Also add: G's padyam "mEkaku tOka meka mEka" in the film "tenAli rAmakrishNa"
was resung by SPB in the film "AdityA 369" music for which was done by iLayarAja 
released in 1990(?) and directed by singItam srInivAsa rAvu.
Parigi Sreedhar