Re: amaragAyakuDiki nA hRdayAnjali and Misc.

Rajasekhar Velamuri (
Sat, 6 Dec 1997 15:25:02 -0500


I thank everyone who has sent in their appreciation about the article that I
have posted on the ghanTasAla-list either through the list or through
personal mail. I want to reply to some of the interesting issues that were
brought in the follow up postings posted on to the list.

First, on the comment made by Srii Sridhar gAru,

> Perhaps, MD's like susarla,penDyAla and others were fortunate to have a
> like him who could emote exactly the way MD wanted. Undoubtedly, G
> remains in the hearts of every Telugu, today, tomorrow and forever.

This is very true even for writers, samudrAla rAmAnujAchari (popularly
called samudrAla Jr.) in a radio programme said some thing on these lines,
"anubhavanchi pADutU pATalOni bhAvAnni sariggA palikincha gala gAyakuDu
ghanTasAla. ghanTasAla poyina taruvAta nA cheyyi virigi pOyindi, nEnu maLLI
pATa rAyalEdu. yidi daivikamaina leela kAvachchu."

dASarathi echoed (on these lines), "nEnu anukunTUvunTAnu, aa mahAnubhAvuDu
mUlangAkada ee pATa inta mAdhuryanga vachchi, nEnu AndhinchagalugutunnAnu."

One has to also remember and consider the literacy rate of telugus. Without
a singer who can sing and live in their minds the songs written would never
have been enjoyed and become popular among individuals who are unfortunate
to read and write.

Coming to Srii mOhan krishNagAri mail, a list of songs, the lyrics of which
were written in RIT is available from the ghanTasAla main home page
( Sreenivas
Paruchuri has co-ordinated this activity and is still doing it. If you would
like to contribute by writing lyrics in RIT please contact Sreenivas. I
personally did not think about linking the lyrics in RIT to the list that I
have mainly because the list is in telugu (pOtana) font, while the lyrics
are written in RIT. If any one is interested in writing the lyrics in telugu
(pOtana or SHREE940 or SHREE942 fonts) and maintain on a web site, I would
be more than happy to link them to the list. The telugu film server has
links to the lyrics in RIT.

vennela gAru raised an issue "what about the unix world ?" This is an issue
that I have considered very much before developing the web site. I
understand the limitations that the web site has when written in Telugu
font. Thanks to Dr. DesikAchari gAru one can get the Potana(c) fonts free
for the WinTel world if one is interested in viewing the web site. At this
stage to the best of my knowledge there is no way out from the limitation to
the unix world. I have tried to include English or RIT explaination or
conversion with every link as much as possible. Coming to songs list in RIT
or English, if anyone is interested in converting the list into RIT or
English and maintain on a web site please let me know by email
( and I will send the complete list (~70 printed
pages) by snail mail. With respect to the audio clippings available at
( I included the
information in RIT for every song. Real player
( is available both for
WinTel & Unix worlds. BTW, none of the links on my web site would have
underlines just click on the song title or any appropriate bullet.

Thanks to Sreenivas, for providing the details to songs 2 and 3 in 'teliste
cheppanDi' section of amaravani. Stay tuned to amaravani one will be seeing
more pages/sections in the weeks to come.

(rAjaSEKar vElamUri)