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Devaraju, Mohan (
Mon, 08 Dec 97 10:32:25 EST

     Excellent idea! I will pitch in...if some one can tell me HOW to, in 
     simple English, given the minimum computer literacy.

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Subject: RE: amaragAyakuDiki nA hRdayAnjali 
Author: at smtplink
Date:    12/5/97 4:21 PM

This is undoubtedly one of the best 'general mails' I have received in 
the recent past. Enjoyed reading it.
Rajasekhar garu... I visited your web-site and had a great time surfing. 
It opened up telugu and ghantasala world on the net to me. Thank you
for posting such an informative mail and maintaining such a useful 
web-site. Just a suggestion for your web-site... how about adding lyrics 
to all the songs which you have listed in your web-site(or are they 
already there and I am not able to reach them). If they are not already 
in place, all of us can contribute some songs which we know the lyrics of 
(udutha bhakti)... if u can maintain them on your web-site. Shall we go 
ahead with this idea? 
Also... how do other people feel the idea is? Is it worth going through 
this exercise ... or is it a stupid idea :-) ??
Inte sangatulu,
RK (Krishna).
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