Lyrics for the songs, sung by Ghantasala

Sreenivas Paruchuri (
Tue, 9 Dec 1997 20:31:20 +0100 (MET)

[Submitted it once 7 hrs ago! Seems it didn't make it to the list!]

>> Devaraju, Mohan wrote:

>      Excellent idea! I will pitch in...if some one can tell me HOW to, in 
>      simple English, given the minimum computer literacy.
>> Mohan Krishna wrote:
> Just a suggestion for your web-site... how about adding lyrics 
> to all the songs which you have listed in your web-site(or are they 
> already there and I am not able to reach them). If they are not already 
> in place, all of us can contribute some songs which we know the lyrics of 
> (udutha bhakti)... if u can maintain them on your web-site. Shall we go 
> ahead with this idea? 

I am extremely pleased to find two more volunteers!

Rajasekhar has already commented on the above point in his latest posting.
Yes, already a large number of lyrics has been wRITten. At present we have
about 700 lyrics and 400 verses. The G-Homepage, maintained by Ratnakar has
some of them with search facility. 

Unfortunately, in the past 6-8 months I could not spend any time updating 
the lyrics list, nor put all the hitherto ones at some web site. Thanks
to a kind soul, I have a web page now and plan to put all the lyrics in the
next 4-5 weeks. At the begining they will only be available as RTS files
(i.e. telugu lyrics in Roman script) and you need
	 either RIT 3.0 or lEkha installed 
      or send the text file to Prasad Chodavarapu's "automailer" and 
get the Telugu text as Postscript file,
   or install Prasad's latest (wonderful) tool "rangavalli" and read them 
in Telugu On-Line.

[To my knowledge RIT/lEkha works only on Unix platforms & rangavalli on Win
95 platforms. Please correct me if I am wrong!]

Once I post the updated list, you may start wRITing lyrics that are not