Re: Queries

Sreenivas Paruchuri (
Mon, 12 Jan 1998 13:27:45 +0100 (MET)

Thanks for the information about the new CDs! I haven't heard any CD with
Ghantasala songs sofar. But often people complain that the recording quality
is poor. Is it still the case? From the various postings -announcing the
release of new CDs - made by you, Krishna Kandadai and Panini gaaru I notice
that all were earlier released as pre-recorded cassettes. I guess they use
the same master copy for CDs too.

btw, a while ago I wrongly wrote that the song "virisindi vinta haayi"
(g, jikki) was from gul-E-bakaavaLi katha, and was corrected by Krishna
that it is from baalanaagamma (NTR, anjali version from late 50s). Now, I
know who the culprit is :-). The pre-recorded tape with gul-E-bakaavaLi katha
songs has this song too(!). Perhaps I should write to HMV people.

> 12) O chandamAma 13) rAvE nA cheliyA 14) mounamugA nii manasu 15) rAvE
12 is a rare number and a beautiful one too! From rEchukka (1954,
M: aSwatthaama, L: mallaadi). Does 13 contain the "saakee" too?

> viluvainadi 15) padimandilO pATapADinA 16) jOlAli 17) jagamE mAya 18) balE

> Query(1): Are there two films: SriikAkula AndhramahAvishuvu katha and
> Andhramahavishnuvu katha? or is it only one film.
No, there is only one and the earlier title you quoted is correct. It is from
1966, *ing NTR, jamuna. Music by penDyaala. E-TV (or DD-8) showed it in
early Nov.. Have an interesting anecdote to narrate about the song: vallabhaa
priya vallabhaa, from B. vasanta, who wished to sing it, but Pendyala opted
for Susila.
> Query(2):Last week on amaravANi, I placed the song, "chUsArA ee sarasam
> vinnArA ee sOdyam" sung by ghanTasAla and leela. The information I got from
> the cover of the LP record says that this song is from mEnarikam(1954).
> However, a visitor to my web site mentions that this song is from penki
> peLLAm (1956). Can any one clarify.

I went thru my penkipeLLaam "paaTala pustakam" at home during this visit, and
can't recall seeing it. BUT let me check back home. Infact, the video of
"penkipeLLaam" should be easily available. Could someone quickly check!

Since the title: mEnarikam, is mentioned .... Does anyone know more about
this film? I just have one song - not a great number - which is on the L.P:
marapuraani madhura gEyaalu (I wonder how this song was selected!). I also
heard that M.S. Ramarao's FAMOUS song: prati manishiki kooDu guDDa neeDainaa
unDaala, is from this film. I thought that it is a non-film number.

Regards,		--Sreenivas