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Rajasekhar Velamuri (
Mon, 12 Jan 1998 12:35:51 -0500

>Thanks for the information about the new CDs! I haven't heard any CD with
>Ghantasala songs sofar. But often people complain that the recording
>is poor. Is it still the case? From the various postings -announcing the
>release of new CDs - made by you, Krishna Kandadai and Panini gaaru

Certainly the quality of some of the CD's is bad, but, i think they are
worth buying because out of 16 odd songs on a CD at least 10 songs are
recorded in the average or above grade.

>> Query(1): Are there two films: SriikAkula AndhramahAvishuvu katha and
>> Andhramahavishnuvu katha? or is it only one film.
>No, there is only one and the earlier title you quoted is correct. It is
>1966, *ing NTR, jamuna. Music by penDyaala. E-TV (or DD-8) showed it in
>early Nov.. Have an interesting anecdote to narrate about the song:
>priya vallabhaa, from B. vasanta, who wished to sing it, but Pendyala opted
>for Susila.

Here, i have to disagree with Sreenivas, I have the song vallabha priya
vallabha, but is sung by S. Janaki, under pendyAla and AIR announcer
announces the movie name as Andhra mahAvishnuvu katha. There is another song
"sukhapaDuTe sukhamai parugiDa nee janmam", a solo by ghanTasAla attributed
to the movie Andhra mahAvishnuvu katha by an AIR announcer.
The reason for the above query is: a visitor to my web site mentions that
the song "kuSalamA kuSalamA eTanunTivo priyatamA" played on amaravani last
week is from SrikAkula AndhramahAvishnuvu katha, which made me think if
there are two films.

>Since the title: mEnarikam, is mentioned .... Does anyone know more about
>this film? I just have one song - not a great number - which is on the L.P:
>marapuraani madhura gEyaalu (I wonder how this song was selected!).

Can you please let us know what the song is Sreenivas. Thanks,


(rAjaSEKar vElamUri)