Re: queries

Sreenivas Paruchuri (
Mon, 12 Jan 1998 19:47:33 MESZ

> Here, i have to disagree with Sreenivas, I have the song vallabha
> priya vallabha, but is sung by S. Janaki, under pendyAla and AIR
> announcer announces the movie name as Andhra mahAvishnuvu katha. There

That was a mistake from me! Yes, its Janaki. Also, thanks to Ramanna 
garu for pointing it!  As you know all the 3 singers were introduced 
by Pendyala (Susila in kannatalli-1953, Janaki in MLA-1957 and 
Vasanta in vaagdaanam), and in that interview Vasanta says though she 
wished to sing it, her mentor opted for a senior singer saying that 
she can't bringup those nuances in that song.

> mentions that the song "kuSalamA kuSalamA eTanunTivo priyatamA" played
> on amaravani last week is from SrikAkula AndhramahAvishnuvu katha,
> which made me think if there are two films.

well, all these are from the same film! And SrikaakuLa ...... is the 
right title, which is often abridged.

> Can you please let us know what the song is Sreenivas. 
Its not a Ghantasala number! I can't even recognise the (female)