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kandadai (
Mon, 12 Jan 1998 16:57:28 -0600

Sreenivas Paruchuri wrote:
> I went thru my penkipeLLaam "paaTala pustakam" at home during this visit, and
> can't recall seeing it. BUT let me check back home. Infact, the video of
> "penkipeLLaam" should be easily available. Could someone quickly check!

As far as I remember there is only one number by G in penkipeLLAM (Its a
back ground solo and starts as "lEdu sumA apajayamannadi lEdu sumA). The
other songs are sung by A M rAjA for NTR.

A few queries on SabhAsh rAmuDu (music G): who are the singers of the
song 'ayyO DALing mATADavA maripistAv muripistAv darikostE goDavA' (copy
tune from dEv Anand's CID) picturised on rElangi and girija? Who was the
actress that paired with ramaNa moorti and what is the original (hindi)
tune of the song 'kala kala virise'? (jampAla gAru or captain madhu?)