Re: Queries

Sreenivas Paruchuri (
Tue, 13 Jan 1998 03:12:47 +0100 (MET)

Thanks for quoting the song; lEdu sumaa (2) apajayamannadi lEdu sumaa!
I got hold of the disk this time, but the lable was damaged and I didn't know
from which film it was. On the other side of the disk you find: aaTalu
saagunaTE naa saami aaTalu (female singer?).

The song hallO Daarling maaTaaDavaa is by PiThaapuram, if I am not mistaken.
The song "kalakala virisi" was picturised on Ramanamurthy and maalini (don't
ask me who she was :-)). I didn't know that its based on some Hindi tune.

Regards,		--Sreenivas

> As far as I remember there is only one number by G in penkipeLLAM (Its a
> back ground solo and starts as "lEdu sumA apajayamannadi lEdu sumA). The
> other songs are sung by A M rAjA for NTR.
> A few queries on SabhAsh rAmuDu (music G): who are the singers of the
> song 'ayyO DALing mATADavA maripistAv muripistAv darikostE goDavA' (copy
> tune from dEv Anand's CID) picturised on rElangi and girija? Who was the
> actress that paired with ramaNa moorti and what is the original (hindi)
> tune of the song 'kala kala virise'? (jampAla gAru or captain madhu?)
> Krishna