RE:Re: Queries
16 Jan 98 20:42 GMT+0500

Queries Series has developed into a quite interesting exchange of many songs
and movies. As per a posting by Sri. Raja gAru, about the CD-Golden Collection
, I have spoken to HMV People in HYD. who said this collection is yet to be
released in India and is on HMV's proposed list. Other collections like
Savitri's films are also on the proposed list of HMV's releases.

>what is the original (hindi)tune of the song 'kala kala virise'? (jampAla gAru
>or captain madhu?)
>I didn't know that its based on some Hindi tune.
The song is "chori chori dil kaa lagaana buri baath hai" in Hindi. I do not
know the name of the film. A wild guess about the singer?! Shamshaad
Begum..Asha Bhonsle..who else? Please let me know.

        A technical problem: My postings are not getting reposted to me after I
send them to G home page. Sri.Ratnakar gAru, can you help me ?

Awaiting the next Query,
Parigi Sreedhar
New Nallakunta,Hyderabad. INDIA