Re: [Q] Film: chintaamaNi (1956)

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Thu, 22 Jan 98 08:25:14 EST

     AMR sings for none else but NTR!

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Subject: [Q] Film: chintaamaNi (1956)
Author: at smtplink
Date:    1/22/98 6:49 AM

Has anyone seen this Bhanumati, NTR starrer? Theres a beautiful duet: andaalu 
chindETi aanandaseema, by Bhanumati & AM Rajah. Whom does AMR sing for? For 
NTR? But all the verses are sung by Ghantasala! BTW, its the first time I am 
listening to the complete music track of this film. The film has certainly 
great music! And theres a good number of verses by G ... quite unusual for a 
Bhanumati production :-). As I once said, excepting "lailaa-majnu" (1949) 
theres no "bharaNi" film with more than 2 songs  by G. Heres an exception :).
Also, the stamps of TV Raju and Addepalli Ramarao are clearly visible, though 
the grand-dame of Telugu cinema claimed the music for this film.
Regards,  --Sreenivas