RE:No. of songs sung - 3
25 Jan 98 08:59 GMT+0500

namastE to all on Glist.

> Those who don't have access to news groups may get it per e-mail from me.
Sreenivas gAru, please personally mail me such postings as I really appreciate
and enjoy such discussions.

>It appears to me that the numbers stated in the Guiness Book is exaggerated.
>Even back in the late seventies/early eighties,  Lata was in the GB at about
>25,000 songs, which we all know now was an incorrect number.
In a Mohd. Rafi live stage show in Dubai in late 70's the compere of the show
introduced the singer saying " inhone pacchees hazaar se bhi jyaada gaane gaaye
hain". I have the pre-recorded cassette of this show.

>Could this be a case similar to what Kumar Sanu bragged a few years ago of
>having recorded a whopping 28 songs in a single day which turned out to be a
>medley of songs for a total of 28 mukhdas and stanzas, combined!!!!  (This
>from my recollections in various articles /interviews with Kumar Sanu,
>Abhijeet and Udit Narain, in the Filmfare magazine in the early 90's.)
To add to this dialogue, Mano(Nagur Babu) has recorded about 40 songs in a day
in a single studio (Sangeetha Recording Theatre, Madras) a couple of years
back.This was personally told to me by the manager of the studio himself,
during the recording of our Telugu private album"VALAPU".

>After all, for most of the Bombay(/Mumbai)based film journalists "Indian film"
>means only Hindusthani film!
That's absolutely true ! It is to my surprise that I found a book written by
Dr. Feroz Rangoonwala in late 80's on Indian cinema contained one photo of
Telugu movie stg.SVRangaRao. Additionally,the book allotted 2 pages for
photographs of Hindi heroines like Hema Malini,Asha Parekh, Reena Roy, Tina
Munim and others,which I found absolutely ridiculous. Not only this, the so
called Indian film Critics feel that South Indian Cinema is only Tamil, which
is absolutely wrong. South Indian Cinema has four major film producing
languages like Tamil,Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. Amongst these Telugu film
produced max. no of films per year till recently.
I would like to conclude that right information about films and the languages
is an important and significant aspect for film journalists. Otherwise they
would land up giving false information and image to the readers.
Parigi Sreedhar