Sreenivas Paruchuri (
Wed, 11 Feb 1998 18:18:49 +0100 (MET)

Since long theres no activity on this list! I gave up "complaining" :-), you
see! Seems I am the sole poster, and IF I post my well-wishers (!) comment 
that I am showing off. Well, thats the world, and I have to live with it.

11th Feb is a day to remember for every ardent Ghantasala fan, I guess. 
I wish, today I were there, back home, in tenali attending the annual
"vardhanti sabha", listening to G's contemporaries and friends like JV
raaghavulu, leela, B.gOpaalam et al. Hmm...

I also wished that till today I would somehow put up the audio clipping
of a special radio programme broadcast on AIR, on 11/12th Feb 1974. Perhaps
next time!

Just a few days I was talking to Dr. Addanki V.G.Krishnayya, S/O legendary
stage artist, film actor, singer, sangeeta vidwaan: Addanki Sreeraama Murthy
(for a brief profile of Srirama Murthy, pl. see the Telugu Film Server) and
he narrated the folowing:
when the film "SreekRshnaraayabaaram" (*) was released, in which Sri Addanki
played the role of "dharmaraaju", one of Addanki's family members came and
told him that in film Ghantasala sang those 3 verses of Dharmaraja. Surprised
at hearing that, he went and watched the film in theatre and said that "No,
it can't be G, but its me!". But his son stressed that "No, it was G's
voice". This time he paid closer attention, and theres one "sangati" which 
ASRM sings in his typical, unimitable fashion, where he could notice the
difference. After that he was full of praise for Ghantasal, that he could
sing those verses so well, depicting the emotions as good as ASRM.

[FYI: ASRM was most famous for his roles; daSaratha and dharmaraaju, followed
by kaNva, hariSchandra, ..... A "probable" reason - which wasn't uncommon -
for choosing G to sing for ASRM IN film is his wider popularity by 1960. Its
ASRM's voice on disks. The film contained a whopping 81 verses, out of them
~15 by G]


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