G & karuNaSree

Sreenivas Paruchuri (sreeni@ktpsp1.uni-paderborn.de)
Fri, 20 Feb 1998 21:21:17 +0100 (MET)

Have been forgetting since my return from India, 3 months to post the
following note.

Long ago, Jampala gaaru wrote that "he read in an article that G and
KaruNaSree were related" and if it were correct.

In a radio interview G comments on this in re: to the question:
    "if pushpaanjali/pushpavilaapam were his 1st non-film disk"
     (well the moderator was pretending to be naive, I guess)
that at the time of pushpaanjali/pushpavilaapam recording he was not
aware of their relationship, but only later he came to know about that.

Also Paapayya Sastry comments briefly on this in an other interview
that only sometime after that recording, when he went to G to present him 
with a new ed. of his poetry compilation _vijayaSree_ (? amn't 100% sure),
both came to know about the relation.

Regards,		--Sreenivas