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At the outset let me write about ghanTasAla's 24th vardhanti vishayAlu. This
year I was in my home town so was able to listen to AIR vijayawada's
broadcasts. AIR vijayawada on its vividhbharati meters broadcasted two
special programs on ghanTasAla on his 24th death anniversary. One by B.
Jaiprakash (probably a new announcer/artiste at AIR) lasting 45 minutes
called "ghanTasAla gAnAmRutam" and another by mADugula rAmakRishNa (an AIR
vijayawada announcer, at least from about mid to late eighties) lasting 25
minutes called "rasageetalu". Both the programs are good and provide with
decent information about ghanTasAla. While I personally did not come to know
of any new songs or information, I was able to listen to two new bits of
interviews given by ghanTasAla, which I did not hear earlier. While both the
conductors of the programs selected popular songs, mADugula did go to the
early years of ghanTasAla. Though I missed the programs presented by
announcers of yester years such as kOkA sanjeeva rAvu, mallAdi sUribAbu,
D.S.R. Anjaneyulu, S. P. rAmachandramUrti, V. S. nArayaNa mUrti, lingarAju
Sarma, A. B. Anand and of course, Sri aTluri venkaTravu chowdhari, I was
happy that the current generation of announcers, like mADugula rAmakRishNa,
yallamrAju sarOjA nirmala are presenting good programs. I will write about
the actual programs in the coming weeks.
Hyderabad DD painted/presented yet another blank picture. (Is it any new?)

This year the ghanTasAla ArAdhanOtsavamu is conducted in Nellore. SP
Balasubramanyam was presented an award. On behalf of American Telugu
Association a momento and Rs. 25,000 were presented to ghanTasAla's wife
Srimati sAvitri. (An article came in "The Hindu" newspaper's Hyderabad
edition to this effect.)

Some more information: HMV released yet another 5 cassette ANimutyAlu  pack
with solos by ghanTasAla. ( I was able get about 4 new songs and 4 different
versions for songs that I have). Also, a 5 pack with songs from NTR films
was released (majority of songs by ghanTasAla). Just wanted to add that the
"Golden Collection" two CD-Set is out in the market. More on this later.

Now some queries from my side:

Who is the music director of the movie samsAram (1950)? My impression was it
is susarla dakshiNA mUrti. However, on two different recently released HMV
cassettes, ghanTasAla's name is present. On one of them, (for the song
andAla chandamAma) both susarla's and ghanTasAla name is present and on the
other (for the song samsAram samsAram) only ghanTasAla's name is present.

Who is the music director of the movie SObha? At some point some one said
the music director of this movie is A.M. rAja. I ran into padyams by
ghanTasAla from this movie, the songs are sung by A.M.rAja.

Coming to another movie, peddamanushulu, take the song "Siva Siva mUrtivi
ghaNanAdha niivu". Are there two versions? There is a charaNam "okkasAri
mantri chEyi ghaNanAdha niivu vODa kunTe oTTu peTTu ... padavi vUDakunTe
oTTu peTTu .." This is the one in movie. I remember having heard, "okkasAri
manchi chEyi ghaNanAdha niivu ODa kunTe oTTu peTTu ... padavi vUDakunTe oTTu
peTTu .."  on AIR.
more queries later,

BTW, for those who are listening to songs on amaravANi in my web page, I
have updated the songs on Feb. 16th '98

(rAjaSEKar vElamUri)

(rAjaSEKar vElamUri)