Re: vardhanti vishayAlu and misc ....

Sreenivas Paruchuri (
Sat, 21 Feb 1998 14:56:49 +0100 (MET)

Welcome back Rajasekhar!

I look forward to the songs presented in those two programmes (pl. quote first lines), and also
some brief description of the interviews with G. Thanks in advance!!

> This year the ghanTasAla ArAdhanOtsavamu is conducted in Nellore. SP
There was one in Tenali, where JV Raaghavulu (lontime asst to G and MD), Leela, 
B.Gopalam et al assembled in Tenali. Perhaps you 'd have made a visit from GNT to TNL :-)!?

> Some more information: HMV released yet another 5 cassette ANimutyAlu  pack
> with solos by ghanTasAla. ( I was able get about 4 new songs and 4 different
Please list them too at your convenience! Now, I came to know one man behind (seems to be
2, one from Anantapur and the other from VZA) these compilations. Since, HMV itself didn't
have the old disks in their archives, its depending on big music collectors; in VZA,
Machilipatnam, Bhimavaram etc., it seems. Some of these people have their tracks not from
disks, but films. Hence the different versions!

> Who is the music director of the movie samsAram (1950)? My impression was it
> is susarla dakshiNA mUrti. However, on two different recently released HMV
You are right! I donot think that G was involved as MD in this film.

> Who is the music director of the movie SObha? At some point some one said
> the music director of this movie is A.M. rAja. I ran into padyams by
> ghanTasAla from this movie, the songs are sung by A.M.rAja.
It is AMR. Its his debut film as AMR. It wasn't a success at the box-office, and the
most popular song from it: andaalu chindu seemalO is based on a Hindi song from "Dulaari" 
(Naushad). Surprising that G sang under AMR;s MD? If its really true (believing you!) its 
a sensational news for me!!

> Coming to another movie, peddamanushulu, take the song "Siva Siva mUrtivi
> ghaNanAdha niivu". Are there two versions? There is a charaNam "okkasAri
> mantri chEyi ghaNanAdha niivu vODa kunTe oTTu peTTu ... padavi vUDakunTe
> oTTu peTTu .." This is the one in movie. I remember having heard, "okkasAri
> manchi chEyi ghaNanAdha niivu ODa kunTe oTTu peTTu ... padavi vUDakunTe oTTu
> peTTu .."  on AIR.
> more queries later,

I will get back to you on the above query, after listening to both; film and record versions
I have. BUT, the other major-hit song: nandaamayaa guruDa ..... contains an extra stanza in
the film.

Regards,		--Sreenivas