Rajasekhar Velamuri (inside94@email.msn.com)
Sat, 21 Feb 1998 13:14:35 -0500

Sri Parigi Sreedhar gAru in an earlier email wrote:

> the so called Indian film Critics feel that South Indian Cinema
> is only Tamil, which is absolutely wrong. South Indian Cinema
> has four major film producing languages like Tamil,Telugu,
> Kannada and Malayalam. Amongst these Telugu film produced
> max. no of films per year till recently.

You are absolutely right Sreedhar gAru, many people (including some telugu
brothers and sisters) believe Indian cinema means only "Bollywood,"
consisting of Hindi films, and if at all there is any one who thinks of
South Indian Cinema it is Tamil cinema. Not until recently many a folks from
Northern India believe/knew/aware that there exists at least four major
languages south of vindhyAs, let alone major cultures. Whatever others say,
whatever his greatness is, whatever his drawbacks are, if I have to pick a
single person who made the people of India realize that there is a language
called telugu, a culture called Andhra, he is NTR. As long as I am alive I
will salute this telugu biDDa for that. There might be others who struggled
for telugus but, in my view.......

How many of our telugu folks knew that tyAgarAja kritis are in telugu?

(Please excuse me for writing some personal views of mine not related to
ghanTasAla, or if I have offended anyone on this list. If any one wants to
write to me about this please send me a personal email at

Coming to another issue, number of songs sung, though Sreenivas disagrees
with me and presents calculations to support his point, I have a gut feeling
that ghanTasAla did sing over 10,000 songs/padyams.
With each passing day my feeling is being reinforced. Hopefully, I will be
able to come up with information in the future to support my view. Recently,
I came to know that ghanTasAla also sang in tulu language. tulu language if
I am right (forgive me if I am wrong), is only a spoken language on the
borders of karnataka and AP. I did not know that there are movies in that
language, any way if I get hold of them I will play it on amaravANi.

Before I close this mail, I have another query, Does any one have the
original record (not the cassette released by HMV) for the movie Srii
kRishNAvataram. If I am right, in the movie the padyam "nandakumArA
yuddhamuna nA rathamuna" is (sung by arjuna in the movie), playback by J.V.
rAghavulu or some one else in the pAnpu scene. Recently, while I am going
through my old cassettes I realized that I have ghanTasAla's version for
this. The tune is identical to the one in movie, and the poems next to this
poem on the cassette are sung by ghanTasAla and the tunes are identical.

Coming to the poems by ghanTasAla from the movie, SObha, I will play it on
amaravANi in the near future.

Does any one know the movie names for the following songs:

1. EnADu modaliDitivO O prabhU EnATikayye nii nATaka samApti
2. kavi kalamunaku, Silpi vuliki, kalakunchaku ee mUTiki mummATiki
3. kalalOna nA tAta kanipinchinADu (tALi boTTu???)

(rAjaSEKar vElamUri)