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Regarding TULU language film hero SUMAN's mother tongue is TULU.

Vijay V.R Tanikella

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>Sri Parigi Sreedhar gAru in an earlier email wrote:
>> the so called Indian film Critics feel that South Indian Cinema
>> is only Tamil, which is absolutely wrong. South Indian Cinema
>> has four major film producing languages like Tamil,Telugu,
>> Kannada and Malayalam. Amongst these Telugu film produced
>> max. no of films per year till recently.
>You are absolutely right Sreedhar gAru, many people (including some telugu
>brothers and sisters) believe Indian cinema means only "Bollywood,"
>consisting of Hindi films, and if at all there is any one who thinks of
>South Indian Cinema it is Tamil cinema. Not until recently many a folks from
>Northern India believe/knew/aware that there exists at least four major
>languages south of vindhyAs, let alone major cultures. Whatever others say,
>whatever his greatness is, whatever his drawbacks are, if I have to pick a
>single person who made the people of India realize that there is a language
>called telugu, a culture called Andhra, he is NTR. As long as I am alive I
>will salute this telugu biDDa for that. There might be others who struggled
>for telugus but, in my view.......
>How many of our telugu folks knew that tyAgarAja kritis are in telugu?
>(Please excuse me for writing some personal views of mine not related to
>ghanTasAla, or if I have offended anyone on this list. If any one wants to
>write to me about this please send me a personal email at
>Coming to another issue, number of songs sung, though Sreenivas disagrees
>with me and presents calculations to support his point, I have a gut feeling
>that ghanTasAla did sing over 10,000 songs/padyams.
>With each passing day my feeling is being reinforced. Hopefully, I will be
>able to come up with information in the future to support my view. Recently,
>I came to know that ghanTasAla also sang in tulu language. tulu language if
>I am right (forgive me if I am wrong), is only a spoken language on the
>borders of karnataka and AP. I did not know that there are movies in that
>language, any way if I get hold of them I will play it on amaravANi.
>Before I close this mail, I have another query, Does any one have the
>original record (not the cassette released by HMV) for the movie Srii
>kRishNAvataram. If I am right, in the movie the padyam "nandakumArA
>yuddhamuna nA rathamuna" is (sung by arjuna in the movie), playback by J.V.
>rAghavulu or some one else in the pAnpu scene. Recently, while I am going
>through my old cassettes I realized that I have ghanTasAla's version for
>this. The tune is identical to the one in movie, and the poems next to this
>poem on the cassette are sung by ghanTasAla and the tunes are identical.
>Coming to the poems by ghanTasAla from the movie, SObha, I will play it on
>amaravANi in the near future.
>Does any one know the movie names for the following songs:
>1. EnADu modaliDitivO O prabhU EnATikayye nii nATaka samApti
>2. kavi kalamunaku, Silpi vuliki, kalakunchaku ee mUTiki mummATiki
>3. kalalOna nA tAta kanipinchinADu (tALi boTTu???)
>(rAjaSEKar vElamUri)