on Ghantasala's views !

24 Feb 98 23:55 GMT+0500

namaste to all friends on the list.
I came to know about an incident in G's life recently. Sometime back in late
60's or early 70's G had commented on carnatic musicians about their style of
singing and also the rendering of Thyagaraaja krithis by them. His opinion was
they cut the Telugu words while rendering which most of the times affected the
lyric and bhaava. It seems G received furious outbursts from musicians of
repute like Semmangudi Srinivaasa Iyer and Ariyakudi Ramanuja Iyengar  for
that. The person who told this to me is from Madras and met G a week after this

This is to bring into discussion G's opinion on bhaava and expression and also
his frank opinion about those days carnatic musicians, which is noteworthy.
Few years back Illayaraaja commented ( in an interview to Frontline magazine in
90/91) in a similar manner for which he faced criticism.

Parigi Sreedhar