ANimutyAlu cassettes Vol.3

Rajasekhar Velamuri (
Thu, 26 Feb 1998 18:40:27 -0500


At the outset a welcome back to chandraSEkar gAru.

ChandraSEKar gAru wrote:
>when he has sometime will write more on the golden collection CD.

I will do it as soon as possible for me.
>As for who composed music for Samsaram - It was definitely s
>Dakshinamuarthy. I am unable to figure why G's name appeared on some of the
>songs unless they worked together on them.

This could be that situation again, I do not want to create any doubts, but,
similar to what Sreenivas pointed in one of the earlier postings with
respect to chintAmaNi(1956). While bhAnumati took credit in the movie, on a
recently released HMV cassette, T.V. raaju is given credit for a song in the
movie, sung by bhAnumati. In the same cassette, G.rAmanAthan was given
credit for "aDugaDugO alladigO" from sArangadhara(1957), the music director
of the movie as we all know is ghanTasAla, so it is getting sometimes mind
boggling to establish who is music director for what.

>My query is:
> rAjaSEKar vElamUri's article said "I was able get about 4 new songs and 4
>different versions for songs that I have."
>Does this mean there are 4 versions of a single song?

I hope not. What I meant is for 4 songs I found new versions. Let me list
the new songs that I got from the ANimutyAlu vol.3 (5 pack). In fact, I only
found 3 new songs in this pack and new versions for another 2 songs. (The
rest are from the pack on NTR, I will list them later, still under

1. ammA mahAlaxmi dayasEyavammA mammu mApalle pAlimpavammA(movie:
guNasundari katha (1950))
2. Srii gOpAla rAthA lOla nammitirA ninnu nammitirA (( movie: sontavUru
3. nAlO kalisipO ((movie: kODe nAgu (1973))

I found a new version for the following songs:

1. nA moranu miirAlakinchi aparAdhamu manninchi (movie: navagraha pUjA
2. mahESa pApavinASA kailASa vAsA eeSa (movie: kAlahastii mahatyam (1954))

(rAjaSEKar vElamUri)