Re: ANimutyAlu cassettes Vol.3

Sreenivas Paruchuri (
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 11:30:18 +0100 (MET)

I agree with Rajasekhar that its quite a tricky issue, some times, finding
out the 'real' MD for a song. Well, generally, a MD has his own 'stamp'
on his composition, but not always.

As once I was telling Raamanna gaaru, unless we are able to collect press
reports, anecdotes and (eventually) interviews with persons _directly 
involved_ in that song production, we won't be able to come with 'facts'.
I should also add that theres no guarantee that the person is speaking the
truth (like recently Bhanumati claiming the credits for a couple of hit
numbers in "baaTasaari" - when Master Venu is no more to confirm or deny!
I wonder why she kept silent for 20+ yrs; i.e between 1960 and ~1982, when
Venu was very much alive and could have provided an answer, but go to press
in early 90s!) Its not an exaggeration to say that "every song has a story
to tell" :-). 

> recently released HMV cassette, T.V. raaju is given credit for a song in
> the movie, sung by bhAnumati. In the same cassette, G.rAmanAthan was given
> credit for "aDugaDugO alladigO" from sArangadhara(1957), the music director

I think the songs from "chintaamaNi" and "saarangadhara" attributed to
TV Raju and G. Raamanaathan respectively, are due to the efforts of VAK
Rangarao. Infact when I first saw those 2 credits on _alanaaTi andaalu_ 
series (vol. 1- Bhanumati) I was little surprised, as I didnot see 
G.Ramanathan's name neither in film titles nor in songsbook. Well,
I have not seen the 78rpm disk!

Another such example was given by Sri Ramakrishna Kavirayani wrt to songs
from "baalaraaju" (1948) on this list. Though he couldn't provide a kind of
recorded document (I admit that its not possible in most of the cases!), he
reiterated that he heard it from some well-informed sources. "bhuvana
vijayam" book only quotes that: G composed "some" songs for the film, and
in film titles you find his name along with: Subburaaman and Gaalipenchala.
We exactly don't know who composed which song. Now, I have a radio interview 
with G, where he claimed that he composed 11 (of the 18) songs, and went on
to quote 3 of them. We need more such documentation!

> 1. ammA mahAlaxmi dayasEyavammA mammu mApalle pAlimpavammA(movie:
> guNasundari katha (1950))

Interesting to note that "ammaa mahalakshmi..." from "guNasundari katha" is
selected! May be because of its antique value? BTW, Rajasekhar! its from
1949. Thats the only G-song in that film. Even this film had two MDs:
AddEpalli raamaaraavu and Ogiraala raamachandraraavu. As per VAK Rangarao
THE GREATEST EVER SONG - from every aspect; literary, musical & modernity -
(well thats his choice of words and he said it many times!) in Telugu film
history is from this film. More on that in some other posting. No, its not
sung by G! :-)

> 2. Srii gOpAla rAthA lOla nammitirA ninnu nammitirA (( movie: sontavUru

Its quite recently that I heard songs from "sontavooru" for the first time. 
Out of the 4 I got, including the above one, I am little disappointed 
I should say. Perhaps there are better numbers!

> 1. nA moranu miirAlakinchi aparAdhamu manninchi (movie: navagraha pUjA
> mahima(1964))
> 2. mahESa pApavinASA kailASa vAsA eeSa (movie: kAlahastii mahatyam (1954))

I know that its difficult to explain in words (and I don't have the
possibility of installing an audio player and listen to your G-station :-(),
but could you pl. try, how they are different! Is the tune different? Or 
the lyrics? ......

Thanks and Regards,		--Sreenivas