RE: ANimutyAlu cassettes Vol.3

Surya Narayana Murty Katakam (
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 15:38:21 +0530

>*	Interesting to note that "ammaa mahalakshmi..." from "guNasundari katha" is
>selected! May be because of its antique value? BTW, Rajasekhar! its from
>1949. Thats the only G-song in that film. Even this film had two MDs:
>AddEpalli raamaaraavu and Ogiraala raamachandraraavu. As per VAK Rangarao THE
>GREATEST EVER SONG - from every aspect; literary, musical & modernity - (well
>thats his choice of words and he said it many times!) in Telugu film history
>is from this film. More on that in some other posting. No, its not sung by G!

Why do you want to put us in suspense ... Remember, you have also
promised us to come up with some very good information you gathered in
recent past ...

Looking forward to hear more about (atleast) that song from
gunasundarikatha ...

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