Re: ANimutyAlu cassettes Vol.3

Rajasekhar Velamuri (
Sun, 1 Mar 1998 19:09:49 -0500


Sreenivas Paruchuri wrote:

>(like recently Bhanumati claiming the credits for a couple of hit
>numbers in "baaTasaari" - when Master Venu is no more to confirm or deny!
>I wonder why she kept silent for 20+ yrs; i.e between 1960 and ~1982, when
>Venu was very much alive and could have provided an answer, but go to press
>in early 90s!)

Is it not similar to sAlUri claiming credit for three(?) songs in mAyAbajAr?

>> 1. ammA mahAlaxmi dayasEyavammA mammu mApalle pAlimpavammA(movie:
>> guNasundari katha (1950))

>selected! May be because of its antique value? BTW, Rajasekhar! its from
I went by the inlay card, once again this is another grey area, if a song in
a pre recorded cassette is from an old gramaphone record/LP (As ANR explains
the reason for his version of "cheliya kanarava" (bAlarAju) present on the
record, the records are released in advance) it has one date and if it is
made from the film track it has a different year. Thanks for the correction.

>Its quite recently that I heard songs from "sontavooru" for the first time.
>Out of the 4 I got, including the above one, I am little disappointed

Sreenivas can you please list the four songs from this movie.

>> 1. nA moranu miirAlakinchi aparAdhamu manninchi (movie: navagraha pUjA
>> mahima(1964))
>> 2. mahESa pApavinASA kailASa vAsA eeSa (movie: kAlahastii mahatyam

>I know that its difficult to explain in words (and I don't have the
>possibility of installing an audio player and listen to your G-station
>but could you pl. try, how they are different! Is the tune different? Or
>the lyrics? ......

As Sreenivas said it is difficult to write in words. Some time soon, I will
have on amaravANi songs with versions, in other words I will place two
different versions of the same song.
Any way, let me write about the 2nd song. Please listen to the song in the
pre recorded cassettes on SPHO 848066 (title: jaya jaya nataraja) and the
version available in the the pre-recorded cassettes SFHV 848312 (kalahasti
mahatyam/bhakta kannappa) or SFHV 848363 (ANimutyAlu{solos of ghanTasAla}
Vol.3 cassette.1). While the song in SPHO 848066 matches what is played on
AIR, the song present in the other two cassettes, matches with what a friend
of mine said he got on the video. In fact, what I noticed is that each and
evey song in the movie kAlahastii mahatyam has two versions. Unfortunately,
I haven't watched the movie yet. From what I know, I think it is not
possible to edit and make one from the other.

Coming to the first song, the song starts of with "SaraNu SaraNu
grahadEvatalArA", missing in the version played by AIR, also the pallavi is
repeated twice at the beginning of the song and there is difference in
tune/lyric at  the middle.

(rAjaSEKar vElamUri)