Re: ANimutyAlu cassettes Vol.3

Sreenivas Paruchuri (
Mon, 2 Mar 1998 12:25:00 +0100 (MET)

> Is it not similar to sAlUri claiming credit for three(?) songs in mAyAbajAr?
No, The above is a settled matter! And a known fact too! Saluri did compose
4 songs before quitting due to differences. Saluri, actually didn't "claim".
Even G acknowledged that. But, to be fair, we should also say that theres
G's hand also on those 4 tunes.

> record, the records are released in advance) it has one date and if it is
> made from the film track it has a different year. Thanks for the correction.
Not exactly! Generally this confusion; i.e. the year of release, arises
depending on whether you are following the date of release or date of censor

> of mine said he got on the video. In fact, what I noticed is that each and
> evey song in the movie kAlahastii mahatyam has two versions. Unfortunately,
Thanks! I am seeing your message just now, but yesterday, to my surprise, 
I found that I do have both film&disk versions. Yes, there is difference!

Aside, this 'd be a long thread, full of anecdotal stuff (even if we just
talk about singers, and not picturisation!). We talked about songs in
"chenchulakshmi" (PBS on disk and G on film track). Once I wrote about
film "kRshNaprEma" (1943) and artistes belonging to certain recording
companies etc. If I am not mistake the song: EDukonDala vaaDaa
venkaTaaramaNaa (F: peLLichEsi chooDu, 1952, MD: G), was recorded by 3
different artistes; G.Varalakshmi, Leela and Jikki.
> Coming to the first song, the song starts of with "SaraNu SaraNu
> grahadEvatalArA", missing in the version played by AIR, also the pallavi is
> repeated twice at the beginning of the song and there is difference in
> tune/lyric at  the middle.

OK. Here I seem to have only film version, as it begins with SaraNu ....

Regards,		--Sreenivas