Query on a series titleled "AllTime hits - Ghantasala"

Panini (panini@sprynet.com)
Thu, 12 Mar 1998 19:59:05 -0500


Sreenivas Paruchuri wrote:

>I have been wanting to write something about the film "naladamayanti"
>(1957), but have been forgetting :-(. Signs of getting old ?!

welcome to the club Sreenivaas :-)

I have an entirely different query.  On my recent India trip I picked up
a cassette titled "AllTime Hits Ghantasala Volume 2" which had among
others, songs from "ummaDi kuTumbam" and "kODalu diddina kaapuram"
that had significant vocal contributions by NTR suggesting that the 
recording was from the original sound track.

My query is: how many other volumes are there?
Secondly, would the kind souls who have the other volumes in this series
please send me a personal e-mail at panini@sprynet.com ?

Thanks and regards,