[Correction] A. Kamaladevi & manushullO dEvuDu

Sreenivas Paruchuri (jparu1@ltm.uni-paderborn.de)
Sat, 14 Mar 1998 16:03:44 MESZ

I (wrongly) wrote ....

> Atlast, pl. don't get confused with A. Kamaladevi, who sings in
> "malleeSwari". Knowing her singing skills BN approached her to book
Though, I wrote the correct film (geeta gaandheeyam *) later in the 
lines, in which A. Kamaladevi sang, "malleeSwari" is wrong and need 
to be corrected! It IS T.G. Kamaladevi who acted and sang in the film 
with best "music" track (speaking in entirity!!) ever made in Telugu. Yes,
this is my opinion and am willing to go great distances and defend my 
above opinion :-)).

[I amn't 100% sure if the film: geeta gaandheeyam was ever released 
in Telugu. The original is inTamil, made by great prod-director K. 
Subramaniam (of tyaagabhoomi, baalayOgini fame).]

Now, a couple of queries ....

Can you think of a duet by G and PB Sreenivas?

Has anyone seen "manushullO dEvuDu" (1974, *ing NTR). Theres this
"varoodhinee_pravaraakhyam" (from peddana's manucharitra) drama.
How long does it go in film? I have a recording which goes over 20min 
before abruptly ending. Could it be, probably, the longest musical 
bit in a Telugu film!?