Re: naladamayanti, kaa.mahaatmyam, gu.sun.katha

Dr Muni Chandrashekar (
Sun, 15 Mar 1998 14:13:43

Srinivas wrote:

"jeevanamE ee navajeevanamE" is a good one! Otherwise thereisn't much worth
>talking about. Probably that 'd be the reason why none of the 
>songs(*)/verses are available in the market.

Naladamayanti was recently was on enadu TV. I had all the songs and padyams
recorded on a video. MAny years ago the Kannada version was on the TV from
which I had a audio copy. The songs and verses are identical. In addition
to the duets that Srinivas mentioned there is one really good song. If I
remember correctly, I listed this particular song in a partial list of G's
songs in Kannada and probably said this is one of G's all time greats. I
think I still hold the same view. Unfortunately, the entire song in the
Telugu video copy that I have (collection of songs only), has been
accidentally erased, so I cannot even list the beginings of the song.
However, the same song in Kannada is: "Alathe ellada ninna maya" It is kind
of a 'tragedy' song.

I am of the opinion that if some songs are not available in the market, it
does not necessarily reflect on the quality and or popularity of the song.
There are many less known or unheard songs of G songs that I feel are
better than the ones repeated in the market place. I remember Mr VAK Ranga
Rao mentioning how the commercial success of a movie influences the
popularity of the songs in that film. He went on to give some examples of
excellent songs by G in movies that failed and consequently never saw the
light of the day. However, I cannot now remember what the songs were that
he was rerring to. Although in recent times, HMV releases contain old G
songs, I am always curious as to who within HMV make the choices. What is
the basis of their choice. Has any of you got some idea on this?

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