Re: naladamayanti

Rajasekhar Velamuri (
Sun, 15 Mar 1998 16:47:51 -0500


Chandrasekhar gAru wrote:

(w.r.t the movie naladamayanti)
>However, the same song in Kannada is: "Alathe ellada ninna maya" It is kind
>of a 'tragedy' song.

Chandrasekhar gAru, are you by any chance referring to the song, "arayarAni
harai(?) mAya eruganevari taramaya"? I haven't watched the movie so I do not
have any more details. I was also a bit surprised to see the number of
verses in this movie. To my knowledge, there are three songs by ghanTasAla,
(the others, (a) jeevanamE ee nava jeevanamE hAyilE (with bhanumati) (b)
vichitramE vidhileela ) and 11 verses. Another movie that caught me by
surprise is Sakuntala (1966, sangeetam: ghanTasAla), there are 10 verses and
4 songs (2 duets with suSeela), adding to the list with big number of verses
is hariSchanadra (1958, starring SVR, sangeetam: susarla),  there are 14
padyAlu and 3 songs, that I am aware of.


(rAjaSEKar vElamUri)