naladamayanti, HMV

Sreenivas Paruchuri (
Wed, 18 Mar 1998 16:21:37 +0100 (MET)

First of all thanks to all those who provided details about G+PBS duets!!

I have no idea about the kannaDa number, Chandrasekhar garu was refering
to, nor about the (eventual) Telugu version Rajasekhar opined. It seems 
that my collection of this film; naladamayanti, is incomplete. I find 
only 10 verses and 2 songs (quoted as a & b by Rajasekhar) by Ghantasala.
Perhaps someone could list all the verses here.

Re: large no. of verses/songs by G, I think there are a few more films
where tht total no.; i.e. verses+songs, exceeds 15. How about "rahasyam"
(1967), "kRshNaavataaram" (1967/8), "SreekRshNaraayabaaram" (1960). One 
more thing: if you take numbers like: swaamee chanchalamaina .... from 
kaaLahastee maahaatmyam (1954), they are actually 3 verses, but often 
(or always!) counted as one song.

> I am of the opinion that if some songs are not available in the market, it
> does not necessarily reflect on the quality and or popularity of the song.

I confess that it was a somewhat simplistic statement from me earlier!
On the one hand we don't have some great numbers on tape/L.P so far, but
on the other hand I can't think of many 'bad' ones in compilations. Both;
the compiler/visualiser (whether its VAK, or those Uyyuru and Anantapuram
based persons) and the recording company (in our case ONLY HMV) are "least"
willing to take any "risks". As such the market is not so good for old
songs?! Even, if a compilation does well (take the example of malleeSwari 
12 years ago), the marketing is bad. Perhaps Sreedhar Parigi, who has first
hand experience with HMV people as music producer, can tell us more about
HMV's notorious marketing people. So, pick only those numbers, which
"everyone" knows. To my knowledge whatever "odd" song that came out on 
a pre-recorded tape or L.P is only due to concerted efforts of an 
individual. VAK was probably lucky in getting thru those 5-6 LPs, which 
included "Golden Voice of Ghantasala", in late 70s. In mid-80s,
fortunately, he could find "chandamama" house as sponsors and bring out
another 8-10 albums. Similarly, Prasad Art Pictures, took care that some
of their earliest films (pempuDu koDuku, 1954; G's mabbulu mabbulu 
mabbulocchinaay, 2 good solos by Jikki and a duet by AMR&Jikki) were also
included in those 2 albums. Its producer;Muraari's interest that brought
out an L.P of dEvulapalli's songs. The list can go on .......
> There are many less known or unheard songs of G songs that I feel are
> better than the ones repeated in the market place. 

I share this opinion. I am curious to know, if its only a small group of
people, or does the majority feel that way! I heard of HMV's "talent
scouts" in 30s and 40s. Well known Prod&Dir P.Pullayya was such one. Do
we have such scouts today? Does HMV-Telugu division at all conduct some
kind of market surveys, what public would like to listen ....
> I remember Mr VAK Ranga Rao mentioning how the commercial success of
> a movie influences the popularity of the songs in that film. He went
> on to give some examples of excellent songs by G in movies that failed
> and consequently never saw the light of the day. However, I cannot now
> remember what the songs were that he was rerring to. Although in recent

Or some times just the songs led to grand success of a film. How about
"suvarNa sundari". Bapu&Ramana summarized that film beautifully in "baapu
ramaNeeyam" :-). Well, coming to Chandrasekhar garu's point, yes there are
many, many flop/obscure films with excellant songs. Can you easily get 
G's "padunaalugu lOkamula edurannadi lEdugaa" (gaandhaaree garvabhangam),
or "oodani naaDadi vedurE kadaa, oodina naaDE muraLi kadaa" (Tingurangaa),
or any of his numbers from "manadESam" (1949) or "aahuti" (1950), ......
The list is long, very long!

> songs, I am always curious as to who within HMV make the choices. What is
> the basis of their choice. Has any of you got some idea on this?

These days it seems to be mainly 3 persons, and all seem to get their
tracks from film and not disks. Since HMV doesn't have any proper Telugu
archives, its dependant on such private collectors. They submit their
compilations and paid for that (probably they also get some percentage
on the sales).

Regards,		--Sreenivas

P.S. Panini gaaru, re: madi SaaradaadEvi ....., you not only missed PBS's 
     voice, but also Mallik's, who is also apparently a part of it.