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Wed, 18 Mar 1998 08:37:09 -0800 (PST)

---Panini <> wrote: 
> namastE!
> Speaking of "madi SaaradaadEvi mandiramE ...",  I am not
> sure that PBS participated in this song.  The prelude to this 
> song (Saaradaa stuti) is by baalamuraLi and in the cassette
> version I have, 

'SuklAm  brahma  vicArasAra  .......'  SlOkam rendered by bAlamurali
(Very likely in raag madhyamAvati) picturized on Late Sree V. nAgaiah.
He then asks his students to practise raag 'kalyANi'. 

>I just can't make out the third voice (apart from
> G, and raghunaath paaNigraahi) in the main song.  It certainly
> doesn't sound like PBS.
> Can others comment?

With the AlAp of raag kalyANi by G, the song starts with the pallavi
'madi  sAradAdEvi mandiramE!'  The first line of the next (only)
stanza is by PBS
'rAgabhAva  mamarE  gamakamula....' (three times)

'nAdasAdhanale  dEviki  pooja'..  by raghunAth pANigrAhi     (three

Later on it is G all through for the song but for some 'AlAps' in
between by someone (only in thge original sound track). I think this
part is again by 'pANigrAhi', but I don't think it is by  mallik. 

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