favorite song

Aditya Putcha (cputcha@fullerton.edu)
Tue, 14 Apr 1998 10:11:21 +0000

Around September of 1995, there was a short discussion on the personal
favorite songs of GhanTasala. Maybe I missed some postings because of my
haste to go through the archives as fast as possible, but I found very
few replies to that query.
In very, very late sixties or very, very early seventies Vividha
Bhatathi's nighttime Janaranjani used to be just for 1/2 an hour. I very
well remember one of those programs (presented either by GhanTasala
himself or by someone from the movie field; I was not old enough then to
have an exact recollection now) playing "MANASUNA MANASAI, BRATHUKUNA
BRATHUKAI", from "DR. CHAKRAVARTHY", as G's most favorite song. I am
very sure of that, but since even the very-well-informed contributors
have not mentioned that in their postings, I have started wondering now!
Has nobody any info. about this? Infact, after that program, one of my
older relatives said that that song being G's favorite made sense
because it represented his personal life. I don't know if that kind of
observations are allowed here, but I mentioned it because it is
connected to the topic.
Happy 'Bahudhaanya Samvastharam' to everybody. BTW, where IS everybody?

Putcha Annapurna