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On Tue, 14 Apr 1998, Aditya Putcha wrote:

> In very, very late sixties or very, very early seventies Vividha
> Bhatathi's nighttime Janaranjani used to be just for 1/2 an hour. I very

        Off from the main topic of this post, but a historical note.

        vividha bhaarathi, at least in Telugu (and I think it is true of
vividhabhaarathi as a whole) did not become commercial until late
1970/early 1971. Until that time, there used to be only one daily Telugu

So, it WAS very, very, early seventies! Thanks for clearing that up. 

Also, Sri Sudhakar garu said,

I was under the impression that 'Malliyalaara maalikalaara ...
unnaaraa' was G's favorite.  In fact, CinaarE, the author mentioned this
in an article.  Apparently, G very closely followed the scripting of the
song, and in fact gave suggestions to the author. 

I think that makes sense too. Though the meaning is not the same, we can
probably say that the central idea is the same in both the songs
('thapana','aarthi' for an understanding, loving and supportive partner
or soulmate). Maybe he really liked that kind of songs only.

Putcha Annapurna