padyAlu from the movie SObha and ....

Rajasekhar Velamuri (
Mon, 20 Apr 1998 01:59:06 -0400


Some time back I have promised that I will play the padyAlu from the film
Sobha on my website. I am doing it today. Background info: The music
director for this movie, "SObha" is A.M. Raja. The songs in this movie are
sung by AMR, however, to my surprise I found that there are two padyAlu from
this movie sung by ghanTasAla. The padyAlu are a) komma kAdidi bangAru bomma
and b)ghanuDA BhusuruDEgunu naDuma. If these padyAlu are indeed from the
movie then probably this is the only occasion when ghanTasAla under the
music direction of AMR.

Some queries from my side(I would appreciate it if some one can give me the
movie names and other details):

a) SyAmala! lOkapriyA hEy SyAmala! (solo by ghanTasAla)
b) hRudayamA sAgipommA bhAvavEgAna sAgipomma(ghanTasAla)
c) samsArajaladi DATinchagaladi rendaksharamula nAmamE (ghanTasAla, bRndam)

The songs from SVR's hariSchandra (1956) are written by Jampana, does any
one have any information on this writer. Thanks in advance.

(rAjaSEKar vElamUri)