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Sreenivas Paruchuri (
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 20:08:54 +0200 (MET DST)

So, there was some activity last week, as I could see in web archives.
Also I see that the list membership went up (I mean direct subscribers,
keeping those web-readers aside). Can one hope better times?

Ms. Putcha wrote:

> > well remember one of those programs (presented either by GhanTasala
> > himself or by someone from the movie field; I was not old enough then to

Sudhakar wrote:

> This is interesting.  Have any of the group members recorded (or inherited
> recordings) of the programs which featured G as the presenter?  
Yes, Sudhakar! :-) Infact theres one programme just a few days prior to his
death. The words prior to his playing: "namO venkaTESaa ..." are from this
1974 programme.

> > have an exact recollection now) playing "MANASUNA MANASAI, BRATHUKUNA
> > BRATHUKAI", from "DR. CHAKRAVARTHY", as G's most favorite song.
> I was under the impression that 'Malliyalaara maalikalaara ... maunamugaa
> unnaaraa' was G's favorite.  In fact, CinaarE, the author mentioned this

Sridhar wrote:
* which was G's particular favorite.  the song was the morose and saddening
* "brathukantha baadhagaa, etc etc"  Now, it is possible that G had many
* favorite songs.  He did dominate telugu music for nearly three decades an

Its interesting that in various radio programmes and interviews G chose
different songs as his favourites. But as Ms. Putcha summarized in her last
post, all are in the same mould.

In one of the radio interviews I have he claims karuNaSree's "jeevitamantaa
kalayEnaa" as his all-time favourite.

Regards,			--Sreenivas

P.S. coming to kaambhOji numbers, here are a few from Version 2.0 (any
volunteers in compiling the Version 3 ?).

rasika rAja maNirAjita sabhalO          mahAkavi kALidAsu 
(already quoted by Prabhakar gaaru)

The bit:   raavO raavO .... in "girijaa kalyaaNam" yakshagaanam in "rahasyam".
(to refresh your memories :-) > ambaa paraaku   in - naaTa,
 avadharinchavayyaa in - Sree, raavO raavO in - kaambhOji, cheluvaaru mOmuna 
 in - aThaaNa, .........)

The verse: kalaDambOdhi from bhakta prahlaada is in - kaambhOji.

P.P.S. Raamanna gaaru quoted: mukkOTi dEvatalu ... here is complete

mukkOTi dEvatalu okkaTai naaru          bAvAmaradaLLu

mukkOTi dEvatalu                      - kAmbhOji
aali yeDabaaTepuDu                    - yadukula  kAmbhOji
nelloori seemalO                      - kaanaDa
yella lOkaalaku                       - gauree manOhari 
gOpanna vale vagachu                  - maayA maaLava gauLa
baala prahlaaduni                     - naaTakuranji