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Sat, 09 May 1998 09:16:03

This is a belated reply to this topic since I was hoping to find some
relevant material.

I remember reading perhaps in one of the tributes that G said to someone
that if God could give him sometime he would try and complete the Gita. So
it would appear that G was lucky to complete the poject, undoubtedly the
greatest achievement of his career.

Someone could confirm/refute this. G never really was alive to see the
formal launch of the Gita volumes. Those days it was two LPs. My
recollection is that NTR released it in a formal occasion in Vijayawada,
some 10 months after his death.

Best wishes

M Chandrashekar

At 12.54 1998-05-04 +0000, Aditya Putcha wrote:
>> to selectively pick out the verses in such a way that the audience would
>> get the main idea of each chapter.  Therefore, one will notice that the
>> verses are reflective of the theme of each chapter.   
> That's why it would be interesting to know if it was GhanTaSala who
>chose them (there is no doubt he was fully capable of that) or if
>somebody else had a say in it. 
>Putcha Annapurna
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